Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Whew! I just looked at the Blog, and realized I haven't posted since February! My how times slips when you're busy!
So, a quick update on the Real Estate Realm llc.
In early March, we received an award for Best Interior Renovation from the Noblesville Preservation Alliance. Many thanks to everyone who helped make that award possible! It was such an honor for us!
With the difficulties in the housing market, work has been very slow this spring. We parted ways with our regular carpenter Kyle in March. As anyone who has ever run a crew will know, you get to know the people you work with pretty well. We'll miss him, but we feel confidant that he will be very successful in his new work.
Because of the slow economy we have decided to set our house of 10 years on the market, and relocate to a smaller home in the Noblesville area. It's such a nice town, with lots of opportunities in it for us. We feel we know people up there, and shortening our commute of 25 miles each way will do wonders for our gas & tire bills as well as our carbon footprint. There's also a much larger yard, which will offer more opportunities for vegetable and flower gardening for us.
So, if you would like to pick up a nice 3 bedroom, 2.5 bath for a really good price, please let us know. The structure is sound, the systems work. It needs carpet and paint throughout, as it has
the original carpet in it. It needs a few baseboards. Personally, I would go with a more modern wood floor if I were re-doing it. The crawlspace has been insulated, and so has the garage. It has a nice built-in bookshelf in the living area that simply needs a bit of tile or flooring, nothing major.
During all of these changes, we have been dealing with some sad things on a personal level that cropped up rather unexpectedly. We hope and pray that those things get resolved quickly and peacefully.
We also would like to thank everyone who has helped us out this spring with all the craziness that came about from having to fill 8 empty rental units, and a hearty welcome to all of our new residents! Thank you for choosing our homes, and I hope that you are happy with them. And as always, please give us a call if you have questions or concerns.

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