Sunday, January 24, 2010

CIREIA Sub-Group and Other Entertainment

Today is our day off! We will be attending a Cirea (Central Indiana Real Estate Association) Sub-Group meeting on Molding the Investor Mind. Or maybe it's Moldy Investor Minds, but I hope not!!! After that, it's on to the YMCA to work off the Christmas cookies that are still clinging too tightly, and Gary will be trying for his 4th straight win in Hockey. He plays in a beer league called BUNS at the Fishers Forum on Sundays, so feel free to stop by and cheer him on!
And, as it's Sunday, and Sunday is NASCAR day; I would like to thank our Advertisers in my best Mark Martin style... Thanksto allour advertisers thatmadethis win(blog) possible: GoogleFixedIncomeInvestmentsRealEstateRichesLetter100K/MoinshortSalesPleasestop by theirsitesanddon'tforgettosupportthem!!!!!!!!!

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